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Rated by Julie from Surrey United Kingdom

Thank you.This reading was amazing! I am currently at odds with my long time partner about moving our relationship forward ie to move in and he has been avoiding a commitment.This reading was the clearest one I have found on line.Thank you xx

Rated by Marilou from Central Singapore

Well said, thanks my tarot reading , serve as my guidance in everyday living, timely reading for me... I recommend ...

Rated by samah from shouf Lebanon


Rated by Sharna from Ashford United Kingdom

Very accurate reading, very apt for a lot going on in my life at the moment


An awesome & encouraging reading & to which I could identify, for the most part

Rated by Gemma Collins from Ayrshire United Kingdom

I feel this reading was bang on for how I am feeling

Rated by rozmeen from karachi Pakistan

well done. nicely explained even for a biggner it was eassy to understand. thanks

Rated by Jaber from Toluca Mexico

The reading was very beneficial and it was accurate in my past and present situation. I will keep in mind the advice and the reading.

Rated by Ildiko Balogh from Woking United Kingdom

I think these cards not too bad for me but I am sorry I can't understand what mean the all together. I just know one card good and another card is not too good. Thank you.

Rated by Savy pillay from Durban South Africa

Thank you for ur reading. Its 100%. Everything that was sed true. I hope you can give me more insight about my future.

Rated by lisa from nsw Australia

This was one of best and easy to read and understand readings I have ever had. Your words are clear and straight forward. Awesome thank you. Lisa

Rated by Bev Sangerhaus from Port Elizabeth South Africa

Little bit surprised at one aspect of this reading, however if read as a whole in context it makes sense.

Rated by Sara Di Sorrenti from Macclesfield Cheshire United Kingdom

I had one very exacting wish to see if i had the chance to go on with the vile life i am leading. The reading gave me hope.

Rated by thomas dara douch from pleasant hill ia USA

new to tarot buh its very interesting

Rated by Mary Jane Diaz from Santa Cruz Philippines

i already have a feeling of what will be that is why i sought for a reading to have more clarity of things thank you and God bless.

Rated by brushawn from tx USA

I loved this tarot reading of myself.I think it was spot on!

Rated by linda from klerksdorp South Africa

Thank you very much. From the bottom of my heart

Rated by Lasma from Ryde United Kingdom


Rated by Erl Dee from Phnom Penh Cambodia

Excellent and quick.

Rated by yuen zhi liang from Malaysia Pulau Pinang Penang Geowntown jalan pintal tali 33 A Malaysia


Rated by Johanna Olfsen from Durban South Africa

Thank you...I enjoyed this reading and found it to be excellent.

Rated by Natascia from Cork Ireland

Incredibly accurate reading. Very impressed as all description matches the situation perfectly. Waiting now to be able to confirm the prediction for the future following the advise of the reading (my gut feeling was already telling me the same thing). Thanks for a really great reading

Rated by Priscillia Liandany from Enschede, Nederland Netherlands


Rated by Jessie Olea Yap from cebu city Philippines

Im n0t sure why, but you got my questi0n. I find it hard to believe

Rated by xoxo from Penang Malaysia

It was shockingly quite true for some situations. The question I asked was the same one I asked a tarot reader and the explanation was somehow similar.

Rated by Danielle from Port Elizabeth South Africa

I feel hopeful after this reading. Very accurate assessment of my current circumstances and state of mind.


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