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start reading tarot cards This site is based on the book
Start Reading Tarot by Chris Lloyd

Written for tarot beginners. The book provides complete instructions that enable you to read the popular "Celtic Cross" tarot card spread. Buy the book or download it online and you will be reading your own tarot cards like a professional within 30 minutes. Your friends will be simply amazed. Every possible combination of tarot card meanings for this 10 card spread has been placed into a simple index system that allows you to quickly find the answers for each card you turn over. The system has been proven to work over and over again. We use it on this site! It will provide you with the confidence to pursue tarot further or just simply entertain friends and family. This book tells you: How to present the cards for shuffling. How to lay the cards out for the "Celtic Cross" spread. What the "Celtic Cross" positions mean. What the tarot card means in that position by using a simple index system. How to summarise the reading.

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