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You have just arrived at the most authentic free tarot card reading web site on the Internet. The tarot card readings provided here are just like having a professional tarot card reader sitting in front of you.

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

shuffle the tarot cards before your tarot card reading

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Every effort has been made to ensure that your online Tarot card reading is clearly explained and as near to the real thing as possible.

The tarot cards are first shuffled by you online. This process is not based on random numbers and it is the secret to my accurate online tarot card readings.

Once completed the Tarot cards are then turned over one by one building up to a final result that can be viewed on screen, printed or posted to your email address for future reference.

start reading tarot cards This site is based on the book
Start Reading Tarot by Chris Lloyd

Written for tarot beginners. The book provides complete instructions that enable you to read the popular "Celtic Cross" tarot card spread. Buy the book or download it online and you will be reading your own tarot cards like a professional within 30 minutes. Your friends will be simply amazed. Every possible combination of tarot card meanings for this 10 card spread has been placed into a simple index system that allows you to quickly find the answers for each card you turn over. The system has been proven to work over and over again. We use it on this site! It will provide you with the confidence to pursue tarot further or just simply entertain friends and family. This book tells you: How to present the cards for shuffling. How to lay the cards out for the "Celtic Cross" spread. What the "Celtic Cross" positions mean. What the tarot card means in that position by using a simple index system. How to summarise the reading.

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Professional authentic tarot card readings using the celtic cross tarot card spread in Crawley, Oxfordshire, UK. Your professional tarot card reading provides a tarot story. The Tarot card readings are ideal for questions regarding, love romance, business or general decisions. Tarot cards help you with inner intuition, phychic . The tarot card reading displayed as a final tarot card summery. This tarot card summery of your tarot card reading. tarot includes tarrot, taro, taro. Buy the book learn tarot card readings in 30 mins. The tarot card book will help you learn tarot card readings using the celtic cross tarot card spread. Learn the individual meanings of each tarot card in the deck/ spread for the position that the tarot card is shown in the spread. tarrot, taro, tarro, online, tarot cards, tarot card readings by chris lloyd.

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FREE Tarot Card Readings. Hello Crawley, Oxfordshire, UK. The free tarot card readings web site is based on the book "Start reading tarot cards" using "The Celtic Cross Tarot Card Spread" by Chris Lloyd There are many sceptics in Crawley, Oxfordshire, UK who think that tarot card readings are just mumbo jumbo. This site is free and they are welcome to find out for themselves at no expense. To qualify for a free online tarot card reading all you have to do is check a tick box saying you are over 18 years old. The opening page states that "You have just arrived" at the most authentic '10 card free Tarot card reading' web site on the Internet. The free tarot card reading provided here is just like having a professional tarot card reader sitting in front of you. I must say that the online tarot card reader is a very nice touch and leads you into the tarot card reading with a clearly defined presentation. Tarot4me uses traditional tarot card explanations and statements that I find refreshing. It is not the usual love, relationship dross that is aimed a capturing vulnerable people. The free Tarot cards readings provided here represent a truly authentic gypsy style that seems to be lost in most other modern tarot card readings. At the end of the tarot card reading you score it on a one to five star basis along with your comments. The results when completed will then be presented to the world renowned "Koestler Parapsychology Unit" based at Edinburgh University Scotland. The "tarot card reading" software has taken over one year to develop and the online tarot card readings provided seem truly authentic. Based on the popular "Celtic Cross" tarot card spread every possible combination of the card meanings given their position in the reading is available. The 10 tarot cards selected for the reading are not just based on random numbers. The important "tarot card shuffling" process took six weeks to write and duplicates how the tarot card deck is shuffled in a realistic manner. Most importantly the use of a computer program will also remove any doubt of controlled manipulation by the tarot card reader, medium or psychic . "There is no human that can ask questions to provide cleverly constructed answers that the client wants to hear". Unusually for tarot card readers, the site does not claim to provide psychic, mystical abilities. They do claim to provide good tarot card reading. , "You do not have to be a psychic to read tarot. You just need to understand what the tarot cards are trying to say. They represent a genuine set of rules laid down centuries ago by mystics that wanted to record the book of life for future generations. For any genuine tarot card reader this quickly becomes obvious. I could go into more detail and explain why, but that would be giving away my hard earned secrets". When you understand this you will will realise that a computer can provide a tarot card reading based on the tarot card layout just as easily and accurately as any human. If you just want a chat with a "so called mystic councillor" then this is ok. You should not however, expect an authentic tarot card reading to pull any punches. Is it true that tarot cards are just a form of witchcraft and have their basis in the occult? Of course not! This is another reason why the site uses a computer program to provide the online tarot card results. No-one can accuse a computer of being possessed or having any occult abilities. What they claim and do say is that there is something special about tarot. It is very cleverly designed and constructed to provide a hidden insight into our inner self. It works in much the same way as a councillor or psychiatrist operates today. They simply present options and possibilities to there clients and believe that tarot works in a similar manner." You may be sceptical, but tarot card readings are very popular and it does not hert to try a free tarot card reading for yourself.